5 Styles of Piano Music You Will Want to Learn to Play

22 November 2016

The Blues typically reveals unhappiness, regret, remorse or disappointment, and is a classification that might be considered essential for learning a range of musical genres given that lots of contemporary piano styles are based on the Blues. The piano music of Jerry Lewis, Elton John, Billy Joel as well as other mega-artists reflect rock piano that emerged from the Blues style; and many artists, including the ones pointed out, added their own design to polish off the atmosphere that is plainly Blues, in nature. Other Blues pianists would include Memphis Slim, Otis Spann, and Pinetop Perkins also Ray Charles.

It was towards the end of the 1800's that the Blues style started to seriously emerge from African-American neighborhoods in the far South of the U.S. This genre developed from African-American work tunes coupled with European-American folk music where shouts and chants were incorporated to provide this design its unique appeal, significance, and flavor.

Boogie Woogie Genre

The Boogie Woogie's genesis dates to the latter part of the 1920's, but it would be remiss not to discuss that this category really was birthed in African-American neighborhoods as early as the 1870's. The Boogie Woogie is one of the best-known piano types based upon the Blues flavor with more of a dance feel. Today, it is embedded in any number of Country-western also Gospel-themed music choices.

Remarkably, the term 'boogie-woogie' has origins that stay unidentified, but historians appear to be in the contract that a few of the very first African-Americans played exactly what was called 'boogie-woogie', also called 'house-rent' music which ended up being rather popular in city slums in addition to lumber camps.

Rhythm also Blues Genre

Rhythm and Blues, likewise, shows a Blues element in addition to Jazz and Gospel flavorings. Rhythm is a big element of R&B, as one would expect, with the included feel of obvious syncopation embedded in the rhythm. The stars of R&B can be traced back to the 1840's when popular African-American music was beginning to seriously thrive.

The design of R&B has actually noticeably altered over the decades; and Contemporary R&B broke through as its own 'person' in the 1980's in which soul, funk, pop, hip-hop, and dance music combined to develop a mesmerizing concoction of cool feel and fanciful enjoyable. This becomes rather obvious if one considers Contemporary R&B artists (regardless if living or deceased) with names like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and so a lot more!

Gospel Style

Gospel piano music, included in the Christian realm, possess a Blues, Jazz and R&B feel where syncopation is stressed out given that it is the syncopation that creates the visible spiritual feel of this type of music. Gospel music has been traced to the early 1600's with roots in the black oral custom, but it wasn't tilled at some point in the 1870's that the term 'Gospel song' was released. It was the development of radio in the 1920's that functioned as the driver the catapulted Gospel songs into the hearts and homes of those who were spiritually moved by the style and lyrics of this genre. As soon as WWII ended, Gospel music became unstoppable; and auditorium all over America welcomed the emotional makings of this moving style.


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